Lisa moves past shame to inspire hope and confidence

A highly intelligent woman, Lisa’s monologue shows us that the devil is in the details when it comes to the experiences that Black women are forced to have in a country that allows us to make very few mistakes.

Her story is familiar to most Black women and you will be enthralled as she takes you step-by-step thru her poverty experience.

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Lisa, tell us about your monologue.

Escaping the Shame is a telling depiction of a woman’s journey through shame and sorrow to healing. Her world comes to an unexpected halt when she finds herself pregnant during her senior year of college. The father, her high school sweet heart, abandons her during the pregnancy. Upon graduation, she finds that no one will hire her because she is inexperienced and pregnant. Embarrassed by her current situation, she is forced to pack her Bachelor of Science, Homecoming Queen crown, and sorority paraphernalia into a few garbage bags, and apply for Welfare.

Who is Lisa?

Dr. Lisa Pickett is a National Board Certified educator who currently serves as the English Department Instructional Team Leader at the Pittsburgh School for the Creative and Performing Arts. She is the Founder/CEO of L Education Consulting and the Founder/CEO of an online boutique entitled L Apparel and Print Creations. Dr. Pickett has made the commitment to grow her knowledge base by embracing current educational research, engaging in rich philosophical discussions, and presenting new ideas to those around her. Her specialties include African American literature, African American history, African American cultural awareness, race-based trauma, secondary education, teacher self-care, creative project management, mediation, educational resources development, edupreneurship, and self-expression apparel. She enjoys spending time with her three children, travelling, and creative project development.

What do you think the city can learn from The Brown Mama Monologues?

Our city can learn that Black women are sensitive, gentle, and worthy of empathy.

What will the audience gain from your monologue?

It is my hope that my monologue will give hope and confidence to women in the audience who may have gone through or are going through similar situations. It also my hope that it will allow audience members to reflect upon how to best support Black women who may be in crisis situations void of judgement.

Lisa with her beautiful children.

What Black women do you admire most and why?

I admire Zora Neale Hurston because I appreciate her ability to create characters who walk off the page and capture the essence of African American culture.

Where is your favorite place to go in Pittsburgh?

I love to drive down through Crafton when the Cherry Blossom trees bloom.

What makes Lisa’s family special?

When I learned about Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, I changed the way I mothered my children. I learned to be intentional and transparent about the moves that we make as a family so as to avoid repeating dysfuntional behaviors rooted in American Chattel Slavery. Meaning positive racial identity development, Black history knowledge, and awareness of how to mitigate deficit behaviors are key in my family.

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Muffy Mendoza is a motivational speaker, author, tribe builder and overall awesome communicator. Most notably, Muffy is known for having cultivated a community of nearly 4,000 African-American moms hungry for social change when she noticed a lack of community among Black mothers in the Pittsburgh region. She created Brown Mamas, a sisterhood that connects moms with resources, advice and, best of all, each other. To further fill the void Muffy has created a line of educational products focused on helping Black moms be the best moms, too. Her first book, The Brown Mama Mindset: A Blueprint for Black Moms on Life, Love & Home, was featured at the 2018 Essence Festival and is currently sold in various cities across the U.S. Muffy champions the beauty of Black motherhood everywhere she goes, even on the TEDx stage. She received a standing ovation at the inaugural TEDx Strip District after giving a compelling depiction of modern day Black motherhood. From the TEDx stage she went on to create a stage for other Black moms. That same year she debuted the first annual Brown Mama Monologues showcase to an audience of over 200 moms. When she’s low-key, Muffy loves reading African history books, forcing her kids to watch most boring documentaries and snuggling with her best friend and husband Mr. Mack Mendoza. You can learn more about Muffy at or