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For the last 5 years, The Brown Mama Monologues has showcased the stories of black mothers with the purpose of redefining the American motherhood narrative to be inclusive of the Black mothering experience.  

In each host city African-American mothers take the stage to tell their most vulnerable stories around black motherhood in America.  After 4 months of rehearsal and relationship building with one another, our moms leave all of their mom guilt, co-parenting woes, funny stories about childbirth and more right on the floor of the stage.  Between the stories we uplift our crowd with parent-centered comedic acts, uplifting and empowering performances and awards recognizing the local champions of Black motherhood right in their own backyards.  

The mothers, fathers, grandparents, sons and daughters that attend The Brown Mama Monologues leave each showcase using words like “inspired”, “truthful”, “unifying” and “wow”. Attendees describe the uplifting experience of having someone express, in living color, the very thought that they themselves have wanted to say out loud.  Our storytellers sit on a high for months having finally unloaded their deepest mom secrets to an audience that supports, honors and loves them more for their experience.

The Stories & The Storytellers


Kia I.
I had the most amazing, uplifting, powerful and wonderful time this evening. To be among such strong and beautiful women with grace and strength was invigorating.
Joelisa M.
Thank you to everyone who performed.  I seen a piece of me in each and everyone and was truly touched. I even shed a few tears . I’ll always remember today!
Shallegra M.
The concept was overdue, the testimonies on time, the awards presentation fun and the opportunity to see/connect/reconnect with Mamas-PRICELESS.

Muffy Mendoza, Founder & CEO

Storytelling has been at the heart of Muffy’s journey.  She started the Brown Mamas community by capturing the passion Black women have for parenting with the #GoodMama Campaign that challenged the perceptions of Black moms in the Pittsburgh region and beyond.

With the help of her tribe, friends and family members, she was able to shepherd a community of over 6,000 moms in the Pittsburgh region.  Through helping these women connect with one another, Muffy grew stronger in her ability to communicate their stories and share her own talent of crafting heartfelt, meaningful messages.

Her tribe in Pittsburgh was the catalyst for the Brown Mama Mindset book series she wrote that challenges Black mothers to examine their thoughts on mothering.  From there, Muffy has taken the stage as a TEDx Speaker, been named #63 on The Root’s List of Most Influential African-Americans, and was accepted into Facebook’s Community Accelerator Program.

Still, Muffy remains an introverted lover of learning and meaningful relationships.  She is a mother of 3 teenage boys and wife to one awesome husband.

Our Team

Tiffany Huff-Strothers

Writing Coach

TeeJay Johnson

Executive Producer

Mack Mendoza

Sales Director

Chanel Allen

Operations Director

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