The Brown Mama Monologues is the birthed child of Muffy Mendoza founder of Pittsburgh Brown Mamas, a local support group for Black moms that operates with the sole purpose of making moms better moms so that dads can become better dads, children become better adults and, ultimately, communities become better communities.

Pittsburgh Brown Mamas has been in operation since 2014 and has grown from a small group of mothers to an organization that reaches nearly 2,000 Black mothers weekly.  The group gathers frequently to support mothers in their motherhood journey, and offers life skills training opportunities.

Muffy Mendoza is the founder of Pittsburgh Brown Mamas and BrownMamas.com, the premier website for reaching Black mothers in the region.  She is a devoted wife and mother of 3 sons.  The Brown Mamas organization, has been locally recognized as a beacon of light in the Black mothering community by several local media outlets.  It has received grants from the Sprout Fund, Awesome Pittsburgh, ONE Northside and GTECH Strategies.  She has served as a speaker for the Listen To Your Mother showcase, the local Inspire Speaker Series and Pittsburgh’s Mom Con.

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