Journei Bimwala

“Journei to Motherhood”

Journei Bimwala, is a homeschool mom of 3 amazing children living in NYC. Her life has been a journey, she was born in the Congo, raised in France & U.S., and has been living in the U.S. for 27 yrs. Journei’s family’s love of nature is what led her to discover parts of herself that she left in childhood. Her family is the reason why she became a Clinical Herbalist, Educator, and Forager who leads nature walks, foraging classes, teaching children & adults herbalism & nutrition. Her family saw things in her she didn’t see in herself and organically guided her into becoming her best authentic self within her own element.

What is your monologue about?

The monologue is about how our childhood trauma plays out in motherhood. It will push the audience to look at their own motherhood journey and see what role their trauma played.

What do Black mothers need most right now in your opinion?

Black mothers need to be seen, heard and cared for. We need safe spaces to authentically share our burdened, pain and fears so that we can get or create the assistance we need.

Where is your favorite place to go in your hometown?

Orchard Beach Bronx NY

What makes your family unique?

We are a family that influences each other to be our “better” and discover ourselves authentically without judgement. Every voice regardless of age is heard and respected.