Graced to Mother

Graced To Mother is an intimate look into the heart of a daughter who longs for mamas love.  Providing hope, empowerment and healing, Tyra’s story is a balm for daughters of mamas who, for some reason, were not given the attention, affection, nurturing and guidance they needed.

This story will make you cry, smile and get the tingles all over as Tyra takes on her journey of being mother to being mama.

Cee Journi


Prisoner During Delivery

Even shackles can’t stand in the way of a mother determined to bring life into this world.

Cee Journi Truth’s Prisoner During Delivery monologue will make you mad and sad, but most importantly it will make you want to fight.  Fight for the mothers who don’t have a voice.  Advocate for the mama who is alone and is unheard.  You will exit Cee’ journey knowing that a mothers intestinal fortitude during delivery is more than amazing and will yield positive results at all cost.

Shaneece Gaines

I’m Built for This

Shaneece knew parenting would be challenging but is she built for this?
I’m Built for This is a hilarious chronicle of one mom’s journey through the pandemic with her son who has special superpowers.  It raises an eyebrow to the Black narrative that can be dismissive of mental differences, and raises a glass to the man she is raising and the mama she is becoming.

Journei Bimwala

Journei to Motherhood

Being a teenager is rough, but being the mom of a teenager is rougher.
Now add, being a mom of a teenager from another country on American soil.  Journie’s monologue Figuring it Out tells the story of a mom trying to figure out what’s happening with her daughter as they navigate a new land with new rules and a vastly different culture.  It will make you ask the question, What would I do if I woke up and I didn’t know my child. 



Frozen Memories

Have you ever strayed so far from the life you’ve envisioned for yourself that you don’t even recognize it?  Have you ever found yourself in the bitter cold of life after giving your power to someone else? Frozen Memories tells the unglamorous journey of a mom in the midst of separation who wrestling through the winter of life after abuse. She will teach us a lesson in learning to love the life you have while pushing toward a life you’ll thrive in.

Stacy S.


Finding the Queen Within

Parenting through postpartum can be one of the most stressful times in a moms life.  Finding the Queen Within is the tale of one mom’s journey through the real dog days of motherhood and how she finds her way back to herself using methods considered taboo in the Black community. Stacy brilliantly describes the anxiety, overwhelm and ability to overcome the postpartum period that every mom goes through and can relate to.

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