A Love Letter to My Daughters

Raising two brown girls in today’s society has been everything but easy.  My monologue is about how my daughter’s mirrored my own struggles with insecurity and being the ‘perfect’ girl.  It is a love letter and rallying call to empower my daughters, and other girls and women, to be confident in who they are and be courageous in all they do!



A Mother Without A Child

When you think of motherhood you think of all the things you can do with your child. You think of their future. You imagine all the places you’ll go together, people you’ll meet together and experiences you will have together. My monologue chronicles a journey that doesn’t end this way, and it all starts with my precious baby girl Brooklyn.

Brandi Lee


Being a mom with a disability is one thing. Being a mom recovering from trauma on top of life’s everyday struggles is another. My monologue is about my journey my to healing despite all of the strikes life has thrown my way. I hope moms can find themselves in my story and know they too can heal. .

Ameela Boyd

My Support System

My monologue is a recollection of my struggles going through and recovering from domestic violence without friends or family support. During my tumultuous experience, I didn’t realize that my support system was right under my nose. My support system held me accountable, indirectly and directly, and forced me to fight and love unconditionally without fear or regrets.




Have you ever made a #momlife mistake that was so monumental that you thought you would never recover from it?  I have.  My monologue talks about an egregious motherhood mistake that haunted me for years.  I finally got some healing from my regretful mistake during a dream.  Some might say it was all in my head, I’ll let you be the judge.



It Was Time!

My monologue is about how I learned valuable lessons from good and bad decisions in life and how my daily adversities turned into success for myself and my children’s future. I tell my story of creating and committing to a plan that has given me a trajectory out of poverty and propelled me toward creating a major movement in corporate America.

Leta Scott

Makings of a “Real” Mom

What is a ‘real’ mom? If a woman hugs, kisses, loves, befriends, gives advice to and cares for a child without the biological connection, can she still be considered the child’s mom?  My monologue attempts to answer this question.  I will tell you the story of my journey from assuming the role of a mother to actually embracing motherhood and all that it encompasses.

Leeann Younger

Me & The “Full Negro” Baby

As first-time adoptive parents, my husband and I were excited and anxious as we thought about all the money we’d need to become the mom and dad we wanted to be.  My monologue tells the story of how our prayers were answered when our ‘village’ showed up, big time, to support us in our parenting journey.

Kiona Williams

Mom Guilt

Us moms are not perfect, even when we try to be. My monologue is a story familiar to every mom.  It is a story of trial through single-motherhood when you are really trying your best, but don’t feel like your hitting the bar.  I take the audience on a journey of finding healing love that gave me permission to accept all my flaws and realize that I can conquer mom guilt everyday. 

Ja’Lisa Brown

I am NOT Your Statistic

My monologue is an uncanny story of a mother’s love; both my mother’s love for me and my love for my children.  It tells the story of how love and acceptance pushed me to not allow statistics to define who I am and what I can accomplish.  My monologue details my journey from telling my mom I was a pregnant teen to graduating with my MBA.