Rough Draft

Motherhood does not come with a handbook, or even an outline.  So, what happens when your introduction to motherhood is unplanned?  How do you manage the experience having not even entered into adulthood yourself.

Dionna’s story, Rough Draft, gives voice to this very experience.  Her teen mom experience gives us a nuanced look at how a mother and daughter heal after realizing that they both have a lot to learn on this parenting journey.



Motherhood on My Terms

Alana was like many moms.  She planned her path to motherhood with the perfect husband, a beautiful home and financial stability.

But, everything is not always as it seems. Motherhood on My Terms is Alana’s story about choosing her own path to motherhood as she learned to embrace the ups and downs that life often hands to Black women.

Ngozi Tibbs

Five Gifts

No one gets to choose their childhood.
Ngozi joins the Brown Mama Monologues cast to tell us how she moved past the  very real fears of her childhood experience to find love, acceptance and herself in the real-life beauty of her loving relationship and the tribe they created together. 

Cheyanne Bronzell

The Worst Mother Ever

Black women are the fastest growing population of imprisoned folks in the US.  Cheyanne is NOT a statistic but her compelling story lives through this fact.
The Worst Mom Ever is Cheyanne’s story of returning to her child after incarceration, the family that supported her then and still does, and how this horrific experience did not stop her from building a bond with her son that continues to be unbreakable.




Mothering is not always for the child, sometimes the very act of mothering helps women find themselves. 

Shayla’s story is one of finding herself after examining the ups and downs that led to her birth, and the lessons she learned with the birth of each of her children.  Having cultivated a blended family of 8, she has a story to tell through poetry and prose that will make you remember every time you laughed or cried recognizing the strength of motherhood.



Rose-Colored Glasses

What happens to blended families after the altar?  Is it really that hard to take what was once two separate families and turn them into one?

Erica’s Rose-Colored Glasses were surely tinted after she realized that her all-boy family was in for a roller coaster ride as they tried to move their entire family into one space on one accord.  Her step-mom perspective will give you an eye-level account of one month’s will to mesh her blended family.