Delmesha Richards Storyteller

Delmesha Richards

Delmesha’s Monologue in One Sentence:

The decision to become a Stay-at-Home-Mom and the joys, challenges and ‘misperceptions’ of such a journey.

Delmesha is a woman of faith, wife and mother of two boys with plans of continuing to expand her family with two girls (Lord willing). After spending years climbing the corporate ladder and traveling with her husband, becoming a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) is by far one of Del’s most satisfying and fulfilling objectives in life.  She and her husband are family vloggers and have a small channel on YouTube called The Richards Revealed, and in her spare time she enjoys napping, pursuing her goal of becoming a published author, doing business through her boutique consulting firm Services by Del. She also enjoys facilitating the growth and expansion of local non-profit organizations around the city.


Monologue: A Black Stay-at-Home Mom

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